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Left Hand Red

Left Hand Red: Transition

Visit our MySpace profile for a preview.


Red is Dead at the Hope

So here we are. This is it. Left Hand Red’s final gig is on the horizon.

This is going to be special, we’re organising the night ourselves and would love it if you could come down and join us one last time.

We have support from two of our favourite bands, long-time friends The Sarah Michelles and Bad Bad Whiskey.

We will be playing an extended set featuring songs from the early days that we haven’t played live for aaaages.

We have the venue until 2am so once we finish up and wipe our tears away, we’ll be getting merry and dancing away to some top tunes.

We would absolutely love to spend one last night with YOU. From those who have been there from the beginning to those of you who are relatively new fans of the band.

Upstairs at The Hope, 8pm–2am, Saturday 29th May (Ages 18+, sorry!).
Hope to see you there!

Left Hand Red xxx

Left Hand Dead…

On Friday (26th) afternoon, Dan posted this message to Facebook:

Sadly, after five years together, Left Hand Red will not be playing any live gigs for the foreseeable future once our up-coming shows draw to a close.

A few weeks back, our drummer, Russell, decided that he was calling it a day. His decision to leave left the band questioning how we would all like to proceed. Left Hand Red was always about the four of us, four friends, making music that we loved. Would it be the same if we had somebody come in and ‘replace’ Russell? We decided that, for the time being at least, it would not be the same. Therefore, Left Hand Red, for now, has run it’s course. But, before you start crying, do read on…

The remaining members, myself, Darren and Barry had a long conversation about what we would like to do next, start a new project together or go our separate ways and begin our own, individual bands. We came to the conclusion that as we get along so well and have that ‘connection’, it’d make most sense to continue working together. We discussed at length what we would all like from a new band and have now started looking for new members.

When I say we’re starting a new band together, this will not be a continuation of Left Hand Red in any way, shape or form. It will be a completely new project. Do not think that the new band will just be Left Hand Red with a different drummer and new name! This couldn’t be farther from the truth. We have already started to put ideas down and a new sound and direction has been born. I can’t go into details at this time but the departure of Russell has given the rest of us a (much needed) kick up the arse and ignited a new passion and excitement that has been absent in recent months. It’s going to take a while to get everything sorted so please be patient, we will keep you informed of any major developments.

I’m going to keep the Left Hand Red Facebook profile going to update you with the progress of the new band and obviously, remind you of our final Left Hand Red shows as it would be great to see you at one of them! The MySpace and other sites will remain up with free access and downloads of all Left Hand Red’s music.

We’d like to wish Russell all the best for the future and thank you all for your support over the past five years.

Watch this space…

Dan x

2010: A Red Odyssey

Woah! Is it March already? We’re already three gigs in to the year, including our previous show at the Freebutt, where we got selected as one of only four bands to appear in the Brighton heat of the Red Stripe Music Awards. Thanks to everyone that came to support us and help us aim for the final, which takes place in London later in the year.

If you missed the Freebutt show, our loud headline appearance at The Providence, or the special acoustic show with The Bobby McGees at Audio, you’ll have to wait for April to catch us, when we’ll be playing at Hector’s House in Brighton on Saturday 3rd.

If you’re in the capital, or you fancy venturing out, we’re also playing at Alan McGee (of Creation Records and Poptones fame) and Danny Watson’s Death Disco, which is at Notting Hill Arts Club in… Notting Hill.

Then, in May, it’s back to Brighton for our own Rock Riot show on Saturday, the 29th. We’re going to get some very special guests for this one, and you really, really don’t want to miss it.

So, hope you’re having a happy March, and see you at one of our forthcoming shows.

Rope Burn recordings on MySpace

You can now hear unmastered versions of the new recordings on our MySpace profile.

The tracks, recorded at Transmission Studios, Hove, between 21 – 22 March, are:

  • Rope Burn
  • Eagle Road
  • Make a Killing

New tracks on their way…

That’s right kiddies, Left Hand Red are off down to Transmission Studios tomorrow to record some new material.  We’ll be camping out there all weekend and hopefully getting four tracks down on to polycarbonate (that’s what CDs are made of kids) for you aural pleasure.

Left Hand Red on Twitter

Your favourite rock band are now on Twitter.

Follow us at http://twitter.com/lefthandred

No rest for the ROCKIN’!

LHR are on a rock-mission this week starting with an appearance on the Damo and Ace show for Juice FM this evening (Tues 7th Oct) around 8:00pm-ish, then it’s on with the amps as we warm up at rehearsal on Wed for gigs on Thurs and Fri.

Thursday we are playing at Sussex Uni for the freshers, this gig will also be a nice warmup for the main event on Friday.

Friday sees us at the Brighton Coalition playing with some of Brighton’s finest live bands – kicking off are Friday Night Hero followed by 4 or 5 magicians, Doll and the Kicks and then ourselves finishing the night off nicely.  Seriously, this is going to be a great night (and not just because we are there!) so come on down and have yourself a good time.

LHR at the Beachdown Festival

Left Hand Red have been added to the line-up of bands playing at Brighton’s Beachdown Festival, which takes place on Devil’s Dyke this Summer Bank Holiday weekend (22nd — 25th August). They join esteemed company like Fun Lovin’ Criminals, The Magic Numbers and Gogol Bordello, as well as other Brighton bands you may have heard of like Restlesslist, The Splendour and Doll and the Kicks.

As well as the festival, August also sees Left Hand Red return to the Coalition for Totally Unsigned (August 8th) and The Prince Albert (August 20th). Oh, and did someone mention a Wedding…?

Russell’s Return

That’s right, drum-monkey Russell is back from his travels to exotic lands, many and wondrous.

Having just dropped in from the States with a Union Flag parachute on his back, Russell made an appearance at the Hare and Hounds gig on Saturday 24th, before being dragged on stage for an unplanned encore of Midnight Sun. Despite not having played for three months, he did us all proud.

Of course, Russell’s return also marks the end of Dan O’Driscoll’s spell with the band. We’d like to thank him for all his efforts! We’re sad to see him go, but he is already working with another band and we wish him the best of luck.

Left Hand Red at the Brighton Coalition

Left Hand Red play the recently opened Brighton Coalition this evening (Friday 25th April) for Feedback X, supported by Totally Unsigned.

Tickets are £5 or £4 for NUS cardholders, and it all starts at 19:00, so get down their early if you want to catch all the bands.

Brighton Coalition is a new venue opened in place of the Beach (Kings Road Arches, right on the seafront). Opened as a venue/club/bar, it has a 680 capacity and hosts regular Rough Trade unsigned nights.

The line-up is as follows: